About me

About me

My name is Azim Nobeebaccus. I have created this blog to simply spread my passion and love for the nature and the outdoors. To raise awareness of the spiritual, emotional & physical benefits of just going for a walk in solitutde, amongst nature.

I initially started this blog to document a 650 mile long distance walk from Hebden Bridge (Yorkshire) to John O Groats (Scotland). Having successfuly completed this walk I thought I would keep the blog open and update and local & international walks that I have been doing!

I am a father of 2 but soon to be 3. I am an holsitic therapist specialisting in energy therapy/healing, spiritual councelling, Reiki & Shiatsu Practitioner. I live by the understanding that labels & segregations have caused many limitations to our thinking & feeling. This can often contribute and lead to emotional, physical & spiritual sickness. Through compassion and being a strong channel for love, I assist in helping people in being able to help break down barriers which do not serve our well-being. Since a young age and growing up in the busy city of London I have always felt a deep connection with nature. Remembering a school trip walk into the chilterns whilst in primary school walking through the forested areas completly taken away by the towering green ferns and that smell of Scot’s pine that can never be forgetton. A true example how simply consciously walking, with total awareness can bring profound realisation and joy.

After awakening some years later, I began to realise his ability to heal was always part of him and that I can simply act as a conduit for nature to run through me in my healing practise. Walking in place’s of peace is a way to replenish spiritual energy and assisting others. For the past 8 years I have been combining meditation, conscious walking, being present and all the modalities in my healing practise. This practise is called Moksha Meditation.

Through all the modalities it doesn’t matter what you are using, but more so where are you coming from when you are working with yourself and the world around you. Approaching life with good intent, compassion, love, honesty is paramount to living a good life.

Over the years I have developed a knowledge around thought processes and patterns & the metaphysical effects our thoughts have on ourselves, our surroundings & the universe. Helping people to look at situations from a different perspective, often distantly helping people to see through their own belief structures and guiding them to connect with their own truth. I always encourage anyone to spend more time in natural environments and this blog is to promote that by providing walks of varying difficulty that can suite everyone.

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