Day 16 – Edinburgh to Linlithgow

Day 16 – Edinburgh to Linlithgow

Tranquillity…. Is a word I don’t use much. These days I barely read so my vocab isn’t to vast, but after today tranquillity is certainly a word I will be welcoming back into my life.

The walk today left Edinburgh Haymarket around 9am after a sharp cup of tea. We took the opportunity to walk around the city early morning to see it without the hustle and bustle. This old city shines in the light rain on this quiet Sunday morning.

The road out of Edinburgh took us out of Westwards joining onto the Union Canal. This canal goes all the way to Glasgow and we encounter only dog walkers & cyclists throughout our day. The setting is in constant change as we walk through the suburbs surrounded by the high rise blocks. Empty cans of buckfast are seen on the canal sidings.

As we leave the suburbs we hit various outstanding aquaducts until reaching a small village where we stop off for a quick cuppa. As we proceed we enter in Broxburn, an extremely deprived area. Adam comments along the lines of ‘this place makes modern day brixton look like Buckingham Palace’. 2 miles through this ghetto still along the canal, what comes next & for the remainder of the walk is truly wonderful & tranquil. Canal boats pass us every half hour along the wooded banks filled with wild flowers & hawthorns.

By the end of todays walk, 22 miles or so later, we stroll into Linlithgow (the birthplace of Mary queen of Scots) with a spring in our step…



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