Day 22 – Bridge of Orchey to Kinlochleven

Day 22 – Bridge of Orchey to Kinlochleven

We awake in the early morning forest with the suns rays cutting through the Scots pine. Yes, its one of those days & its clearly ‘the strech’ of the walk to walk if one were to pick. The highlands really say hello today.

The whole journey so far comes flooding in my vision & a conversation I had with Adam near to the Scottish borders is recalled. It goes like this ..

Adam – ‘You know, sometimes I really feel that there are some angels looking out for me’
Me – ‘Yes, I know what you mean. I think I got them too. You know, some would say we’ve both been through alot, both could have lost our lives on numerous occasions, but we are both here today, walking, talking & smiling. Adam, we still have stuff to do down here, that is why we are alive. And, these angels you speak off are rejoicing and having a tea party up there right now’

I relived this moment & was reminded not just of angels but of faith & hope. These days, we have modern remedies and solutions for absolutely everything. What did our ancestors have.. faith & hope. After all hope comes as a result of our suffering. Suffering makes strength. Today we are strong, breezing through the valleys like the wind itself.

A lone tree
A lone tree

We reach the kings house pub. Which is a pot gold at the end of a fading rainbow, well equipped with plug sockets and pots of tea. A brief stop than the final scramble up the devils stair case, and yes the name fits perfectly. At the top, a nice stroll down into the once industrial town of Kinlochleven..


One thought on “Day 22 – Bridge of Orchey to Kinlochleven

  1. Hey guys
    Was lovely to meet you both yesterday on the Devil’s Staircase and have a chat in the sun. I’m very jealous of your epic adventure. Give me a shout if I can help with anything/logistics. I’m based Stirlingshire, be up at Aviemore about 7th July. Hope you’re doing something fun with your day off?!

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