Day 30 – Alness to Skelbo Wood

Day 30 – Alness to Skelbo Wood

there’s alot to be said for wild camping, but ill start by saying if you’re not near water, and the day isnt relatively warm, having a wash can be difficult. However, streams & rivers are often crossed, and when you haven’t washed in days, the cool water is such a gift.

This morning the sun is shining and we awake to start a small fire. Why you may ask… midgies, smoke seems to keep them at bay. So the usual pot of porridge is eaten & of we go towards a town called Tain. On route, some incredible views of Moray Firth & beyond are seen on this clear start to the day.


This Northern part of Scotland differs very much from the West coast which I am used to, but has equal beauty. We arrive in Tain for lunch and ofcourse the infamous couple pots of tea. Upon leaving Tain we cross the long bridge across Dornoch Firth. Back on the A9 once again and we are greeted by another sign. John O Groats , 83 miles, nearly there. Its a little tiresome road walking, on the mind, but more so on the feet.


Dornoch Firth
Dornoch Firth

As we continue on this busy trunk road, we read a woodland, which doesnt seem to have anywhere suitable to pitch up, which slighty fustrates us, so we continue a couple more miles to Skelbo wood arriving at 9 pm. Beef and rice is cooked & spirits are once again raised. While we are here and there is a stream, we also take the time to have a dip, wash ourselves & our clothes. Refreshing & cold but so worth it, squeaky clean once again..



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