Podcast – Chris Robson Lifestyle

Podcast – Chris Robson Lifestyle

What a week its been. This week has been a week of connecting with people, both old and new. I reconnected with an old old friend this week, Chris Robson. Chris’s website & Blog Chris Robson Lifestyle provides content and clarity to improve your lifestyle, ‘without the crap’.

Chris invited me to talk on his podcast, which has been an amazing experience, firstly just to have the opportunity to continue to put a good message out there, but more importantly to reconnect with Chris after some 6 years or so discussing meditation, walking & spiritual healing. A surreal deep conversation was had & we both touched on topics we would have seriously laughed at some years ago.

To listen to this Podcast please click on this link :- AZIM ‘NOBEE’ NOBEEBACCUS – GET BACK TO BASICS. RECONNECT WITH NATURE. BE HERE NOW.

It is great to see people taking their power back, and realizing their health is literally in their hands. Listen to the podcast and you can hear us delving into :

– The impact your environment has on your mental, physical and spiritual health
– Why reconnecting with nature could solve a lot of your problems
– Why so called ‘alternative’ therapies should be considered as the primary forms of healthcare
– The importance of meditation and how to get started
– How to work on the wider world and not just yourself
– Why you should be walking very long distances
– The concept of frequencies and how what you resonate, you attract
– Why you should never have expectations

To find out more about Chris and what he does please visit Chris Robson Lifestyle

Enjoy & have a great Easter Weekend
Azim x

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