Podcast – Shredded Brainiac (Ru Wikman)

Podcast – Shredded Brainiac (Ru Wikman)

It was a real pleasure to head down to London a few weeks ago, to South Kilburn, a stomping ground near where I used to live. I linked up with personal trainer & fitness model Ru Wilkman. Ru has briefly worked with myself in plant healing ceremonies and it was great to have an open conversation on his 20th podcast show Shredded Brainiac. If you knew Ru, he couldn’t have picked a more fitting name for his radio show. Ru, very clued up and knowledgeable about the human body, nutrition and its workings. But, his knowledge is equally balanced with an extremely open heart & mind, sharing a high positive mentality and frequency.

We touched on meditation, plant medicines such ayahuasca and psilocybin, and how all these techniques and tools can be useful to bypass years of cultural conditioning, and open up the person’s heart. We talked about the dual nature of this world, the constant interaction of love and fear, what does it mean to experience oneness, and the implications of ego dissolution.

You do always have a choice, and it’s all about perception. Awareness is what makes the difference, and it helps you see the distinction between what you want, and what you need.

You can follow Ru’s personal blog, Instagram & Facebook (links below) for short workout videos and more.


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