Preperation is key

Preperation is key

‘Preparation is key’


Good input = good output, simple input = simple output. We humans do over complicate things. To put it simply, things needn’t be complicated. However, that doesn’t mean walking butt naked 650 miles with nothing but an umbrella over my head. As I put together a kit list, research various sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and ‘the rest of it’ I can see the overhead costs are slowly adding up. I knew this wasn’t going to be cheap, however there are some aspects of my kit where I am willing to put quality at the forefront of my mind. As I will carrying all my kit with me, I have to consider, my feet need to comfortable when I walk, my back needs to be comfortable with all the weight. My tent, which will be my home needs to be waterproof, windproof & relaxing after a days walking. All my gear must be as lightweight as can be.

Today I went to the Alpkit warehouse, where I met a gentlemen called Ben who kindly showed me the in’s and out’s of the Jaran 2 tent. He set it up for me in store where I could view it, I was impressed, so I bought it (as seen in picture). A tent with 2 doors on either side? what the hell, I’m totally bought by the idea. It was the last one and I got it for £120, which is £20 less than the retail price just because it was taken out the bag before! The weight is good also at only 1.9kg. I’m going to be testing it out in the coming weeks. It’s pretty windy & rainy at the moment, so a great opportunity.

A couple weeks back I purchased a pair of boots. £150 for a pair of boots. I remember in my younger days splurging 90 odd quid on a pair of Airmax 90’s, for fashions. So I suppose, £150 for a pair of quality boots that will last 650+ miles is reasonable. Especially when thoughts of taking my boots off after a week and throwing them into a river because they are crap and walking the rest barefoot are not foreign to me at this stage. Anyway the boot is a leather goretex boots by Scarpa. The Scarpa ranger GTX. I’ve tried them on, but not had a chance to sample them or wear them in yet. Watch this space for how I’m getting on with them. All that’s left to get in the ‘priority’ department is the sleeping bag (which is on its way as we speak) and a decent backpack. Than it’s just little bits and bobs.



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