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Beeley loop – A walk with water

Beeley loop – A walk with water

Area: Derbyshire – Peak District
Starting point: Beeley Moor (circular walk)
Date of walk: 13th April 2016
Walkers: Me & Yannis
Distance: 4.96m
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Woodland, Wateralls, Streams
Weather: Sun, blue skies

This is probably one of my favourite walks in the Chatsworth / Rowsley area of Derbyshire. I’ve done this walk before, & there is a fantastic waterfall on the route. I have the urge to pick up some fruit from the store to make a peace offering during my walk today. It’s warm, and I am only in my t-shirt. We were actually supposed to goto a place called Arbor low stone circle, however the road was closed, so we headed to Beeley instead. The first part of this walk, start in a woodland, and its great. It has a stream with a series of waterfalls running through the woodland complex. Upon hearing the sound of running water, move swiftly through the forest, I can.only describe the feeling as ‘immediately soothing’. Peaceful.

A soothing brook
A soothing brook

I personally sometimes take water which we drink & bathe in for granted. yet it nourishes the earth & nourishes our bodies. A few weeks ago, I was standing out on the moors one night, catering to the fire in the pouring rain. I couldn’t help giggle to myself, like a child, playing in the rain. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so ecstatic with nothing but the pouring rain dripping off my forehead onto my face. My soul felt soothed at this moment, and to hear the water again, and reconnect with the power of water, felt… Joyous.

A short stroll through this magical woodland let us to the other end out on Beeley Moor. The views from this moor, the clear skies, the birds tweeting in the heather, a profound stillness arises from within. Slow walking, 1 step at a time, across this baron but fruitful moor. We did encounter something strange however. In the middle of nothingness and peace, there is a quiet sound of an engine. We look, and we see a unmarked blacked, near to silent plane whizzing by our heads, within 100 metres! 2 of them! Unbelievable, of course there is discussion of what these jet black unmarked silent planes are doing circling around the moors of Derbyshire

On the moor
On the moor
Planes casually cruising above the moor...
Planes casually cruising above the moor…

All sorts of thoughts arise, and knock us both out of the natural flow we had found ourselves in. Nether the less, strolling continues, aimlessly, feeling like wandering hermits, with nothing to do, nowhere to go, but where are feet take us. We enter into a another woodland which is on the back end of Chatsworth. The old majestic tree’s are greatly appreciated like brothers among us. A genuine hurt is felt for the mass’s of tree’s bought down for whatever human reasons. That voice in my head speaks ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do’.

Through a narrow path, uplifted by the land we walk on, we get to this incredible waterfall. At a moment, we discuss, this is the type of place, you’ll find in an Indiana Jones movie, in the middle of Bolivia. But yes, we are in awe of the beauty. taken again by the power of water. it becomes apparent at this stage of the walk, the water has something to teach me today.


I take a brief dip into the waterfall, and purify myself with the water. You see, water close by the source is pure. Untampered with, close to spirit, close to purity. The water we get coming through our taps at home, has passed through human influence and thinking, lessening the purity. Man’s sinful ways taints the world in so many ways, but who am I to judge? The water teach’s, let life flow, and let it go where it decides to flow, I need not create barriers, blockades of great dams, Fear not of what the water will do. This is why, i step under the waterfall, to allow the water to cleanse, sooth and heal. And yes, needless to say, it feels amazing. Once again I feel child like & innocent. I take some moments to stand among the waterfall with my fruit & a big incense. To make an offering, for what has been provided to me today & to maintain peace within. As I place the fruit on the floor, and connect, it’s obvious I need to do this more often! be by water. My star sign is an earthly one, and what does the earth need more than anything, water. Open up to water, like a flower opens up to it when its about to rain.



After about an hour by this marvel of a place, we walk back a slightly different way creating a loop, we pass by a lake, and back through some woodland, going off path through wild terrain. However, we meet the path again, and there we are back on the Moor strolling back across to where we came from. This time undisturbed by stealth spy planes…

I always find it pleasing, how if we pay attention and be present, signs & symbols are all around us teaching us & guiding us. Today I was reminded something quite simple. We turn on the tap, drink water, throw the rest down the sink, without even thinking. Being present in my actions, starting with the simplest things that I do, makes for good meditation. I am currently in the middle of writing about ‘walking meditation’ with touch’s on this is more depth, and practical ways to incorporate simple living into our lives. In this I will be talking about making offerings, being conscious in walking, being aware and observant, and pursuing the things with bring joy and ecstasy to our lives.

Love always

Azim x

When you face the sun, your shadows fall behind…

When you face the sun, your shadows fall behind…

When you face the sun, your shadows fall behind…

A clear day in the Peak District. I park up in Chesterfield and get the 45 minute bus journey into Bakewell with the intention to walk back or at least to Baslow. Before I start todays walk, the market is on in Bakewell. I good opportunity to pick up some fruit. I picked up a pound of lychee’s & stumble across a French man selling soap off his wooden table. As I’m looking, he says, all soap is from Marseilles. Said in his deep Southern France accent. It must trigger something in me, because he make me chuckle to say the least. Even, the soap said Made in Marseilles on it, so I buy 6 bars, varying in scents and off I go. Bakewell is hustling today, loads of people on the streets eating Fish n chips.

My starting point is the church on top of the hill at Bakewell, quite a spectacular sight, and a lovely church, with both Celtic & Nordic stonework surrounding it. As I stand underneath an arch facing east. The sun is pelting my forehead and even on this cold clear day, I feel warm, joyous, gracious & pretty damn ecstatic. As I gaze at the sun, the words seap through my being. When you face the sun, your shadows fall behind. So true it is, as you turn to the light, your demons quiver & your fear dissolves.

Bakewell church 2

When you face the sun, your shadows fall behind

As I set off I head across the river Wye, turn right, and take the high path out of bakewell towards Beeley. Or at least thats where I think I’m going towards! Today is has come quite evident my map reading skills need some work! My new compass also appears to not be working. Either that or I appear to not know what the hell I’m doing. I mean what is north, the red arrow or the white arrow? God only knows…  When I look at an OS map, there is no such thing as a path, I am the type of person who would go from A to B as the crow flies. Even if it means walking through swamps & deep overgrown forest. I quite like it, to venture of the path, to venture to places which are rarely threaded on my human feet. ‘Off the beaten’ track I think is what they call it. I was always more of a rebel than a conformist. Which I’m glad for, great discoveries can be made when the mind is left to wander, but let it wander too much and you could end up in trouble. Anyhow, I venture up into the hills, through the Haddon Estate taking in the clear skies, the sun and the beautiful peaks in the distance. It’s always a pleasure to be in the company of tree’s. Tree’s are great teachers, they are just still & observe. So very simple, to sit like a tree and just observe the world go by with no comment. We are often nattering away with ourselves, with our head in either the past or the future. How often are we 100% focused on the present moment? We have things to defend, things to attack. our identities, our beliefs, we stick up for what we thing is right, what we thing is wrong. We continuously feed our ego’s in so many different ways and loose sight of what is important. So, i sit by a tree on the path and be like the tree, the observer. The seer who does not judge all the situations which surround. The seer who is not the one seen…


Sun beaming through

After a brief meditation. I continue, through the muddy path for a few miles or so, until a reach a little village called Carlton Lees. I’m close to Chatsworth & Chatsworth seems to be on my route which is great. As a child my family used to take me here to run around on the grounds and around the garden maze. Chatsworth is a well known place & Tourists come from across the world to spend time in this part of the country. Actually, I think I read the Peak District national park is the 2nd most visited park on this planet. The 1st being one in Japan. I mean, I don’t dispute this place is packed pull of his-torys. And I must admit, the Chatsworth house itself, is bloody impressive. However, nowhere near as impressive as the land it is built on, and the mighty River Derwent in front. I stroll alongside the Derwent quite slowly. watching the dogs and dog walkers go past. Everyone enjoying this fine day. I look up & there is not one cloud to be seen anywhere. I look down at my Scarpa Ranger boots. This is the 2nd time I’ve walked with time on a longish distance. The first time was difficult. Blistered feet & aching toes. Too many delight, they are right as rain today and this pair of boots are really starting to feel like a good pair of boots. I misplaced my stepping a few times today into deep puddles and my feet don’t have a drop of water on them. I’m trying out some new socks, 1000 mile fusion double layer socks. On the packet is says Blister free guarantee! I don’t know how they can guarantee that as there are so many factors which could contribute to blisters. but the science behind it, is in the double layer system and Tactel fabric. The inner layer sticks to your foot, and the outer layer rubs against the inner layer rather than rubbing against your foot. Ye.. I know, blew my mind aswel. However, I was stupid enough to not bring any water with me on this trip, and that pound of lychee’s I bought Bakewell was gone within 10 minutes of walking. So, when I do eventually reach Baslow looking for a shop, I’m told by a local its 200 metres up that hill… So of I go. up the hill and back down again and sitting my a bus stop with mucky muddy boots. Baslow is another lovely quaint Derbyshire village & a perfect place to end my walk.

Chatsworth houseRiver DerwentRiver Derwent