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Day 10 – Byrness to Jedburgh (The Cheviots)

Day 10 – Byrness to Jedburgh (The Cheviots)

Today was lengthy, uplifting, tiring, humorous and fast moving. After an amazing night camping in the garden of the forest view inn sharing war stories with fellow campers, we chow down a brief continental breakfast followed by a mighty full English. 2 stones later we depart with high spirits, delighted once again with the hospitality received last night and this morning. The sun is in full effect today and the only way to describe the ramble up Byrnes hill is like a dehydrated camel getting pulled up a vertical ledge.

Taking it all in - Byrnes Hill
Adam Taking it all in – Byrnes Hill

When reaching the top, its across the green Cheviot Hills, and what a love it is to walk these hills into Scotland, windows of pure joy are felt through this serene environment. Beautiful they are, but beyond , where the infinite is found there really are no words but laughter, laughing at what, we do not know. Neither does it matter…

5 miles on walking ‘the walkers trance’ we say farewell to the pennine way, and follow the old roman road (dere street) towards Jedburgh. We find our way quite easily, across hills until we reach a stream to freshen up. We decide to take the long concrete road into Jedburgh. Even though a quiet walk, any walker knows not to walk concrete. It is the most demanding terrain (in my opinion ofcourse), and for the 7 miles, its not easy feeling like a punctured tyre rolling on the hot floor being gentley pushed by the wind. Only our humour kept us going at this stage. Blistered feet , aching shoulders and worn hips are prevalent, but the pain is ignored as I’m on a mission. Staying focused is crucial, as on hard days like this motivations can be lost easily.

We are relieved tomorrow we rest in Jedburgh with its beautiful abbey and Mary Queen of Scots had her or a house here..

I soon fall in love with Jedburgh, and Im sad to leave.

Jedburgh Abbey


Beeley loop – A walk with water

Beeley loop – A walk with water

Area: Derbyshire – Peak District
Starting point: Beeley Moor (circular walk)
Date of walk: 13th April 2016
Walkers: Me & Yannis
Distance: 4.96m
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Woodland, Wateralls, Streams
Weather: Sun, blue skies

This is probably one of my favourite walks in the Chatsworth / Rowsley area of Derbyshire. I’ve done this walk before, & there is a fantastic waterfall on the route. I have the urge to pick up some fruit from the store to make a peace offering during my walk today. It’s warm, and I am only in my t-shirt. We were actually supposed to goto a place called Arbor low stone circle, however the road was closed, so we headed to Beeley instead. The first part of this walk, start in a woodland, and its great. It has a stream with a series of waterfalls running through the woodland complex. Upon hearing the sound of running water, move swiftly through the forest, I can.only describe the feeling as ‘immediately soothing’. Peaceful.

A soothing brook
A soothing brook

I personally sometimes take water which we drink & bathe in for granted. yet it nourishes the earth & nourishes our bodies. A few weeks ago, I was standing out on the moors one night, catering to the fire in the pouring rain. I couldn’t help giggle to myself, like a child, playing in the rain. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so ecstatic with nothing but the pouring rain dripping off my forehead onto my face. My soul felt soothed at this moment, and to hear the water again, and reconnect with the power of water, felt… Joyous.

A short stroll through this magical woodland let us to the other end out on Beeley Moor. The views from this moor, the clear skies, the birds tweeting in the heather, a profound stillness arises from within. Slow walking, 1 step at a time, across this baron but fruitful moor. We did encounter something strange however. In the middle of nothingness and peace, there is a quiet sound of an engine. We look, and we see a unmarked blacked, near to silent plane whizzing by our heads, within 100 metres! 2 of them! Unbelievable, of course there is discussion of what these jet black unmarked silent planes are doing circling around the moors of Derbyshire

On the moor
On the moor
Planes casually cruising above the moor...
Planes casually cruising above the moor…

All sorts of thoughts arise, and knock us both out of the natural flow we had found ourselves in. Nether the less, strolling continues, aimlessly, feeling like wandering hermits, with nothing to do, nowhere to go, but where are feet take us. We enter into a another woodland which is on the back end of Chatsworth. The old majestic tree’s are greatly appreciated like brothers among us. A genuine hurt is felt for the mass’s of tree’s bought down for whatever human reasons. That voice in my head speaks ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do’.

Through a narrow path, uplifted by the land we walk on, we get to this incredible waterfall. At a moment, we discuss, this is the type of place, you’ll find in an Indiana Jones movie, in the middle of Bolivia. But yes, we are in awe of the beauty. taken again by the power of water. it becomes apparent at this stage of the walk, the water has something to teach me today.


I take a brief dip into the waterfall, and purify myself with the water. You see, water close by the source is pure. Untampered with, close to spirit, close to purity. The water we get coming through our taps at home, has passed through human influence and thinking, lessening the purity. Man’s sinful ways taints the world in so many ways, but who am I to judge? The water teach’s, let life flow, and let it go where it decides to flow, I need not create barriers, blockades of great dams, Fear not of what the water will do. This is why, i step under the waterfall, to allow the water to cleanse, sooth and heal. And yes, needless to say, it feels amazing. Once again I feel child like & innocent. I take some moments to stand among the waterfall with my fruit & a big incense. To make an offering, for what has been provided to me today & to maintain peace within. As I place the fruit on the floor, and connect, it’s obvious I need to do this more often! be by water. My star sign is an earthly one, and what does the earth need more than anything, water. Open up to water, like a flower opens up to it when its about to rain.



After about an hour by this marvel of a place, we walk back a slightly different way creating a loop, we pass by a lake, and back through some woodland, going off path through wild terrain. However, we meet the path again, and there we are back on the Moor strolling back across to where we came from. This time undisturbed by stealth spy planes…

I always find it pleasing, how if we pay attention and be present, signs & symbols are all around us teaching us & guiding us. Today I was reminded something quite simple. We turn on the tap, drink water, throw the rest down the sink, without even thinking. Being present in my actions, starting with the simplest things that I do, makes for good meditation. I am currently in the middle of writing about ‘walking meditation’ with touch’s on this is more depth, and practical ways to incorporate simple living into our lives. In this I will be talking about making offerings, being conscious in walking, being aware and observant, and pursuing the things with bring joy and ecstasy to our lives.

Love always

Azim x